Come at Good Time Entertainment and find a Unique and Spectacular mini club program especially designed for hotels and resorts available for all ages, based on a club concept with innovative games, educational programs and creative multimedia competitions.

Exclusively, we provide child care staff experienced and trained with registered certification thru EU.

We are your Kids Emotional Coaches. It is up to us to help kids talk about their feelings, label them and feel understood.

During the years with the experience we gained and the requests of our little friends and their beloved parents, we can say loud and clear – “Happy kids – Happy Parents”. This is the reason be believe that working with kids is the most important part in our hotel entertainment world and the happiest and most sensitive part of our profession.

Kids wonderland club categories


6 Months – 3 Years
Specialized and trained staff.
Fun & educational activities.


3 Years – 7 Years
Spark the imagination.
Art & Crafts.
Games. Sports. Shows.


8 Years – 12 Years
Outdoor Games.
Pool games.
Sports. Meet friends. Shows.


12 Years – 17 Years
Sports & fun.
Social, cultural and creative activities.
Multimedia competitions.

At Good Time Kids Wonderland Club you can find as well extra services dedicated to hotel guest: babysitting service thru a reception reservation, personalized kids birthday parties, special dinner events for kids eating all together with the entertainment team, cooking lessons for specific ages, plant your tree in the garden or even be an entertainer for one day.

Be part of our amazing kids adventure concept and get memories for life! There is not better party place where children of all ages could spent their holidays – Good Time Kids Wonderland Club.


Our service concept includes very exclusive Mascots presented in every hotel.

From drawing ► to reality.

In recent years many hotels and resorts have relied on Mascot services creating an memorable image to retain the soul of the hotel. 


Work With Us

Attractive package:
  • Training at the beginning of the contract
  • 40 hours legal and registered Greek/Italian contract
  • Work permit, bank account and full documentation for working in Greece/Italy
  • Full insurance and taxes covered by the company
  • Full board: shared accommodation, 3/4 meals and full drinks inside the hotel
  • Competitive salary up to your experience & languages from 500 to 1400 Euro
  • Extra incoming money from sales
  • Transportation covered
  • Opportunity to grow within the business and inside our company
Working period : APRIL - NOVEMBER (we are looking as well for less than 6 months, 2-3 months - for students)
For applications:
For info & contracts: