Our second branch business in tourism and hospitality is the segment of hotel photography.

The new project is called PHOTOCLUB and is addressing to photographers and photo addicted fans around Europe, and on the other side to the hoteliers as business partnership concept.

PhotoClub wants to be a leading international company offering photography services for international hotel system, water parks, winter resorts destinations, weddings, private parties and the special events from your life.

From classic to retro, from normal to extravagant Photoclub is a smile machine which will be a perfect fit for any event.


It is a service that integrates perfectly with new generation of technology that most of our guests are using and represents a big value to the resorts.     

We are bringing on the market one of the most exclusive new generation of photo system. With a large experience from the most known cruise ships - Royal Caribbean - please be delight to meet the digital system for your hotel. It is a fusion of a very well designed desk incorporated with new generation of wide touchscreens. Hotel guests can anytime access the photo database without any obligation to place an order. PhotoClub doesn’t charge photo services, the guest pays only for the photos they want to purchase.

PhotoClub photographers are very well trained in offering high quality services thru their professional photos, efficient guest assistance and prompt recommendations.

From the classic photos we are innovating our offers to a very large product list that includes:

  • Classic photos printed on paper
  • Classic photos included in album packages
  • Packages: BASIC / PREMIUM / VIP
  • Photos on USB/CD
  • Special photo shooting sessions
  • Magnets / Key Rings

Therefore, PhotoClub services are bringing a favored position to a hotel business. The interests we offer:

  • A very high negotiated rent rate comparable with our competitors on the market
  • Services special designed for hotels and resorts
  • High level technology of wide touchscreens easy to use
  • Expensive and high level photo cameras
  • Work space required in reception area / front restaurant
  • Increase the value of Hotelier Company
  • Increase profits
  • Professional staff trained for summer holiday destinations
  • Staff members trained and employed by our company due to local regulations
  • Guest experience with us being the most pleasant
  • Satisfied guest up to our professional services therefore happy with the general hotel facilities

Work With Us

Attractive package:
  • Training at the beginning of the contract
  • 40 hours legal and registered Greek/Italian contract
  • Work permit, bank account and full documentation for working in Greece/Italy
  • Full insurance and taxes covered by the company
  • Full board: shared accommodation, 3/4 meals and full drinks inside the hotel
  • Competitive salary up to your experience & languages from 500 to 1400 Euro
  • Extra incoming money from sales
  • Transportation covered
  • Opportunity to grow within the business and inside our company
Working period : APRIL - NOVEMBER (we are looking as well for less than 6 months, 2-3 months - for students)
For applications: jobs@good-time.eu
For info & contracts: info@good-time.eu