Thanks to the experiences gained over its years of existence and its collaborators from all over the world, Good Time Entertainment guarantees innovation, exclusivity, and customization in the entertainment for each of its customers.

Good Time Group collaborates with a team of creative professional and qualified technicians for the design and the development of each of its projects.

We offer exclusive on the market support for the next departments

Good Time Group has its own sound & light technician with international Harvard certificate available for free for any hotel support.

We offer free consultation regarding sound & light material acquisition for hotels, technical projects and sets for entertainment areas, stage construction and position, beach parties and internal events for any resort.

We put every hotel in contact with local suppliers or from abroad, we assist hotel manager in purchasing materials.
We undertake the responsibility to present list of sport materials needed for every hotel individual up to the facilities that exist.

Upon studding a previous inventory material list we are putting together all the best ideas in sports and fitness and we are going by ourselves to purchase everything a hotel needs.

We give technical consulting for the design and management of any kind of sport facilities.
When comes to children we are giving out maximum attention in programs and materials.

We know how much important is to have happy kids in your hotel, so we do not lose any moment and when the hotel is opened we are in a hurry to assist you to provide for our little small friends all materials necessary.

Give us your limit budget you want to spend and let us making the shopping for you. In the end we know exactly the program we proposed you and forward the material requested for that.

Do you want to redesign your mini club – we will do it for free and repainted with the latest cartoon figurines.
Do you have a stage in your hotel?

If yes, we will transform it in one veritable and respected theater with a grandiose aspect.

Put at our disposal the materials requested and let us make miracles. We will design and develop exclusive a project for every show production in your hotel.

Click the picture attached and see our work thru international hotels and resorts. If you want the best show productions decide now and make a change!
Good Time Group know­how is shared with its partners with the aim to increment the satellite activities and to build loyalty between the guests and the very facility.

Exploration of new entertainment formats with innovative entertainment solutions.
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